Island was opened on January 15th, 1997 by Wilbo and a few others. We still adhere to our first objective and that is to make Island a friendly place to chat. We have been complemented on our open arms attitude towards newbies. The staff and residents are a close knit bunch, but we welcome newcomers, and encourage them to return and to share a part of their lives with us. We were all newbies once and understand what it's like to not know anyone, and to be completely confused by the commands and such.

In October of 1998 our Founding Head Administrator and owner of Island, Wilbo, left to pursue other things, and we thought it was the end of Island. Instead of letting Island sink into the ocean, we pulled together and Ladida took charge as our new owner and Head Admin. With help from the other staffers and new coder Nib, we put Island back together. The staff and residents are devoted to making Island the best talker on the net (oh, it is...come and see!). Island can be many things to those who come here. It can be just a form of entertainment, a place to go for advice or to get things off your chest, and a loving home on the net for people of all ages.

In 2002, Ladida stepped down from her position and handed the talker over to Hex. We will miss you Ladi!

Please sign our Guestbookand connect to us, we would love to see you there!

Current News:
(updated: Saturday, April 12th 2003)

Our Coder, Tonhe, is on a temporary Island Break. He has
things to deal with in real life, and we hope he comes back soon!

MORA! She's Back!
Our friend MoRa is back on Staff. Mora came to Island around the time of it's opening in January 1997. She left us for a little while to concentrate fully on her education
(yes, we are a distraction), and now she has returned as an Admin, as all of our
staffers who leave have the option to return.


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